About Us

We provide management assistance and consultation in the administration of Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation, and Occupational Safety. We offer HR services and products, with up-to-date assistance in all areas of personnel administration for small to medium size California companies.

Handling regulatory compliance issues can be simplified, and our services and products can be tailored to fit your company’s needs. An HR professional available on an as needed basis is an alternative to employing a fulltime HR manager. Buying only what you need and paying for only what you use – can result in big $$$ savings to your company.

As your offsite Human Resources Manager with full-time availability we’ll assist you with those pressing questions and sensitive situations.


Vic Mena

Senior Consultant and President of CaliforniaHR, Inc., has over three decades of human resources experience, including occupational safety and workers’ compensation administration; and has held top-level HR & Safety positions with an array of organizations in diverse applications.

Why do you need an organization like ours if you already have an HR Administrator?


It can be a full time effort trying to comply with existing regulations and staying abreast of the new ones. We’ll handle that part so your people can perform the many other daily activities.